Theraworx Relief

Prevent and Relieve Foot &
Leg Cramps

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Theraworx Protect

A Better Way to Fight Hospital-
Acquired Conditions

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Theraworx Relief

Theraworx RELIEF

Our safe, topical solution relieves muscle cramps quickly and prevents new ones before they even start. Theraworx Relief comes in an easy-to-use, fast-absorbing foam or spray application.


Theraworx Clinical

Theraworx PROTECT

Trusted by leading hospitals as part of their value-based programs, Theraworx Protect is a non-cytotoxic, potent immunoactive clinically proven to reduce hospital-acquired conditions.


We’re challenging today’s “sick, treat, repeat” standard of care  through innovative, custom solutions that preserve the natural functions of the body rather than degrade them. Every Theraworx product is made with a proprietary blend of non-toxic, microbiome-safe ingredients that work effectively without harming the skin or any other part of the body.