Get Back At It

Get Back At It

Nothing should hold you back from living the life you want. You have things to do, places to go, and people you want to enjoy being with–and you need your body to feel good. Theraworx® helps relieve soreness, inflammation, and discomfort and helps keep you at your best.

Get Relief With Theraworx

Our specialized formula is made with natural ingredients and is clinically trusted, and safe for daily use. It’s non-greasy and has no strong odor.

For Muscles

Theraworx for Muscle Cramps is fast-acting and absorbs quickly to help bring relief when sudden muscle cramps occur day or night.

muscle cramps
muscle cramps

For Joints

Theraworx for Joint Relief is fast-acting to help relieve stiffness in sore and overused joints and helps relieve inflammation and discomfort.

muscle cramps

For Nerves

Theraworx for Nerve Relief is clinically trusted to help relieve aggravated nerves and nerve discomfort. It’s safe for daily use or as needed.

muscle cramps

For Foot Cramps

Theraworx for Foot Cramps helps relieve tired feet, foot cramps, and post-cramp soreness. Our safe and gentle formula also moisturizes your skin.

muscle cramps

For Daily Urinary Health

Theraworx Protect is designed to cleanse and care for your most sensitive areas. Our specialized low-pH formula is free from alcohol, oils, and dyes, and moisturizes your skin while also reducing odor leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable.

Muscle Relief

Theraworx Works!

Theraworx is here to support your active lifestyle by helping to support relief in a variety of ways. Our products help bring relief for muscle cramps and joint discomfort and support daily urinary wellness. With Theraworx, you can feel confident and empowered to live life on your own terms, without letting discomfort hold you back.

Joint Relief

Nerve Relief

Foot Cramp Relief

Our products are clinically trusted to help relieve inflammation, relieve muscle and joint discomfort, and support your Urinary Hygiene. Our products have a low pH formula that helps to moisturize and care for your skin, without leaving any mess or strong odor. Safe for different skin types, Theraworx  is designed to help provide relief so you can Get Back At It.

Daily Urinary Health

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Love For Theraworx

“My husband suggested Theraworx and bought a bottle for me. What is in this stuff? Nothing works this quick!!! I love it! It is on my night stand and I take it with us when we go on any overnight trip, just in case. Not only did the muscle cramp stop, the residual aching went away at the same time.”

Deb, California

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